Year 6 Committees

This term the Social Justice Committee with the help of the wider school community have raised $2379.25. The students planned and implemented Pancake Breakfast on Shrove Tuesday, Water Bomb the Teacher Day and the Easter Egg Raffle. These initiatives would not be successful without the support of the whole year 6 group, the staff, the students and the parents and guardians.

Our students have also donated money they have earned at home to Project Compassion. Our Liturgy Committee have been collecting and counting these funds.

  • Pancake Tuesday: $371.00

  • Water Bomb the Teacher Day: $480.00

  • Easter Egg Raffle: $884.35

  • Bottles: $164.60

  • Classroom Project Compassion Boxes: $ 279.40

$1800.00 will be donated to Caritas Australia, the remaining funds will be used to support our Numala School Community Group.


This group have helped to organise and lead the school Lenten celebrations: Ash Wednesday, Project Compassion, and the Holy Week Liturgies. In particular, the Holy Week Liturgies have required the students to give up some of their free time, so that they could share the Easter Story in a prayerful way with the rest of the school. Mrs Holmes has worked with this committee, and she has been impressed by their leadership.


This committee has worked closely with Mr Maas. They have assisted Mr Maas setting up for a number of assemblies and are working on a project to enhance the play areas of our school grounds. This project is not finished and will continue in Term 2.

We have had many rainy days this term, so the modified play committee have been busy. This committee organises dance games in the hall for our younger students at lunch time. The efforts of this group are appreciated by teachers and students.

This group of students has been very busy in the library on Mondays and Fridays with Mrs Mugridge engaging other students in games of chess or cards, reading stories and helping with colouring in. They support students with practising the problem solving skills of joining games, following rules, sharing resources as well as being a good sport when they win or lose. I thank them for their organisation, enthusiasm and willingness to support others in their school community.

Over the past term the assembly committee ran the weekly Friday assembly. We read out awards given to students who have been showing kindness and working hard. Before we give out the awards we read a short prayer and deliver messages. We do this for both junior and senior assemblies.

This term, "The Breakfast Club", have been making breakfast for the younger students. The purpose of Breakfast Club is to help fuel younger kid's bodies ready for a day of learning. Breakfast Club is on every Tuesday morning, before school. The club runs on donations, you are welcome to donate!

We did some amazing things this term including pancake day, water bomb day, breakfast club and raised an amazing amount of money for the Easter Raffle! All of this fundraising went toward Project Compassion and we have enjoyed helping the school to make a difference in the lives of those in need.​

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