Fees and Levies

School fees are set annually, in consultation with the Parish Priest, Parish Finance Council, School Board and School Principal, as part of the process of setting a yea​rly school budget. 

School Fee Billing Procedure

An account of full fees and levies will be issued by the school in the first weeks of each term​ and will be payable within 14 days of issue.
  1. Any arrangements to vary the terms of payment must be made with the Principal.
  2. Accounts which remain outstanding 14 days after the due date will be dealt with in one of the following ways:
    • Letter from the Principal
    • Phone contact by the Finance Secretary
    • Interview with the Principal or Parish Priest
  3. Where accounts still remain unpaid one month after the due date and no appropriate arrangements have been made to pay the agreed fee, the account may be placed in the hands of a debt collector and other actions pursued.
As a parish-based Catholic school, we encourage and welcome conversations with families who may need financial assistance in order to meet fees.  Anyone who has financial difficulties is asked  to see the Principal at their earliest convenience.  Please don’t simply fail to pay.  This costs us even more money in settling accounts.  It is also unnecessarily embarrassing for all concerned.
The Archdiocesan Educational Levy is that part of the school fees which is forwarded to the Catholic Education Centre.  It supplements the State and Commonwealth grants and assists in the payment of teachers’ salaries and the provision of centrally provided services.


Fee Payment Options​

Approved Payment Plans ​
  • Direct Debit Request Form (see link above​)​
  • Centrepay (Please contact Centrelink) 

Leaving Early Refund Policy
Should a student leave the school during a school term, written notification must be forwarded to the school and a student leavers checklist must be completed. Library books, laptops and all accessories are to be returned to the School. At the Principal's discretion, adjustment to the settlement of Fees and Levies may be applied based on the number of weeks the student attended the School during the term. If any fees remain outstanding, they will be payable as per normal payment terms and where appropriate, any fees in credit will be refunded.