Library and Information Resources

School libraries are no longer the only source of information, but have become for our learners, another learning space in which they can connect, interact, network, research, present, and access information.

“What is needed is a mix of a variety of kinds of spaces and work environments that can accommodate different uses and possess different ambiances. The space will need to be shared with a variety of partners and it is likely that the distinction between the library and other informal campus space will blur.” (Lewis, 2007)

The Library / Information resources are facilitated in a multi-modal resource area. The space is centrally located to provide equitable and ease of access by all students. These learning spaces facilitate whole class, groups and individual student work in both electronic and non-electronic means, formal and informal modes of learning, and within an indoor and outdoor concept.

As the central common learning space of the school, the library resource centre is a place for experimenting and investigating with information, studying multiple perspectives in a location where students are guided by suitably qualified professional teachers and given quality instruction, and the most appropriate technology tools to support a high level of student achievement. To develop the whole school as an information literate community, the library provides equity of access for information and technology, resources, equipment and space, and 24/7 digital access to information and resources.​

The learning environment is a blended setting that maximises the potential of physical and digital learning spaces, meets the needs of students, teachers and parents at school and home or by mobile devices. There will be a physical area and a virtual space to house a wide variety of physical and digital resources. There should be seamless search interfaces and a balance between print and digital collections.

Technology needs to be seamless and wireless, with less ‘fixed’ technology in this learning space. Appropriately equipped technology zones are vital to ensure students and staff are able to exploit new technologies and resources. They can be stand-alone facilities or major components of the Library hub. There could be a recording centre for creating podcasts , a media room with surround-sound for comfortable group viewing and discussion, and separate learning spaces for information literacy lessons.   



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