​​​​​​​​​​​The staff for St Mary's School, Beaudesert are: ​

​Mrs Renay Condon
​Mrs Diane McClure
​Primary Learning Leader
Mrs Catherine O'Brien
​Parish Priest​
​Fr Kevin Njoku
​Secretary (School)
​Mrs Peta Teese
​Secretary (Financial)​
​Mrs Kym Neuendorff
Workplace Health & Safety Officer​
Mrs Wendy Piasecki
Preparatory Yellow
Ms Amanda deBeus
Mrs Hilaire Holmes
Preparatory White
Ms Patricia Robinson
​​​1 White
​Ms Dianne Hardy
​1 Blue
Mrs Janine Bennett
​2 White
​Miss Rhiannon Williams
​2 Yellow
Mrs Margot Thompson
​3 White
Mrs Rosalynn Gillespie
​3 Blue
​Mr Tyler Quartermaine
4 White
Mrs Karen Douglas
​4 Blue 
Mrs Paula Lane
​5 White
Mrs Maryann Watterson
​5 Blue
​Miss Stacey Stewart                            
6 White
Miss Emily Ziser
6 Blue
​Mrs Jackie Henry
Health & Physical Education
Mrs Toni Hamilton
Mrs Hilaire Holmes
​LOTE - Spanish
​Mrs Sandra Sanchez
​Teacher Librarian
Mrs Alanna Jamesion
​Literacy Learning Teacher
​Mrs ​Paula Armstrong
Support Teacher: Inclusive Education
Mrs Anita Mugridge
​Guidance Counsellor
​Mrs Raelene Campbell
Ms Christine French
Mr Brendan Oppermann 
Ms Jessica Kerr
Mrs Sharon Rieck
Mrs Therea Opelt
Mrs Susa​n Keaveny              
Mrs Nikita Rich
Mrs Barbara Mulgrew
Mrs Vicki Johnston
Ms Jasmin Mills
​Mrs Jenna Johnson
​Mrs Jacqui Williams
​Mrs Maddison Waugh
​Mr Raymond Undery
​Mrs Dannica Todd​
​Mrs Alyce Penny
​Ms Caitlin Dunne
​Mr Kyle Ralston
​Ms Jennifer Stevens
Mrs Nicole Gough
Tuckshop Convenor
Mrs​ Kelli Watts
​Mr Stephen Maas​


Professional learning needs of the staff mem​bers will be identified and professional learning activities planned by the staff and administration of the school working in partnership. The nature of these activities will vary depending on the existing capacity of staff and the professional learning priorities of the school. These will be aligned with the school Vision and Mission Statements, the Curriculum vision outlined in this document and School Renewal processes established by Brisbane Catholic Education. Alignment of the curriculum with the policies and practices of Brisbane Catholic Education and those of the Queensland Studies Authority will be facilitated locally.  ​