Year 6 Committees

​Last term our year 6 students contributed to our school’s theme Committed to Making a Difference through their involvement in the Year 6 Committees. I would like to take this time to introduce you to the different committees.

The Social Justice Committee: 

This group was committed to making a difference through fundraising. These students, along with Mrs Henry, gave up their time to organise the snow cone day $521.50, the water bomb a teacher day $521.00, and the Easter egg raffle $ 578.00. All funds raised will be donated to Caritas Project Compassion.

The School Works Committee: 

The School Works group collaborated with Mr Undery. Their ideas contributed to making a difference around our school. Most notable is the re-painting of the footsteps that show direction on the footpath.

The Early Years Reading Group: 

This group was created to help Mrs Hardy with the early years reading program. This group organised the rosters of Year 6 students to help students in the younger years with their reading, they also give up their time in the morning from 8:00 – 8:15 or from 8:15 – 8:30.

This group’s success was hindered by COVID and wet weather, however the students were not perturbed and are ready to start again this term.

Assemblies Committee: 

This group, along with Mrs Watterson has taken on the job of organising the Friday Assemblies for both the junior and senior school. It involves setting up and being the Master of Ceremonies. They are working well together providing a seamless way for the school to be connected and celebrate their week of learning.

The Choir: 

This group have worked well, especially considering the Choir did not start as they (or we) hoped. The set back did not derail them, this group took on the responsibility of organising the sheet music for mass and helping to lead the school sing during these celebrations. I thank them for their initiative.

Modified Play Committee: 

The wet weather kept this committee busy through Term 1. The role of this group is to provide entertainment in the hall for the younger grades during wet weather play. It is a hard job, but the students did it well. I thank them for their participation and determination to make each playtime better than the next.

Lunch Time Fun Committee: 

This group of students have organised lunch time competitions for the upper students and scavenger hunts for the younger years. These competitions will be run in the early weeks of this term.

The School Liturgy Committee: 

Our Easter liturgy was expertly organised and led by Mrs Bennett and the members of this committee. This group has also helped me with the mass PowerPoints and, School Opening Mass and the School Leadership Mass. I have appreciate the time they have given to help me with these celebrations.

At the end of week three our Year 6 students will be choosing another committee to participate in.

​If you, as a parent would like to contribute to any of these committees or have an idea for a new committee, please contact me –