Traffic Management

​​Please make yourself aware of the traffic management plan below. We ask that families always use the crossings when collecting their child/ren. All cars park facing towards the school with 4WDs in the back row of the carpark. It is important that everyone drives out towards the school to leave, as children are directed to walk behind cars.

Car Parking & Driveway​

The quick drop off zone at the front of the office is for use during the morning from 8:00am and afternoon pick up from 3:00pm. This is a NO PARKING zone and you are not to exit your vehicle while in this area. Prior to 3:00pm you are required to park your vehicle in a carpark to wait for your children to come to you via the supervised crossing. Here is a link to a video on how this zone is to be used – please take a look to familiarise yourselves with procedures.

Quick Drop-off / Pick-up Zone Procedure Video

A reminder that all parked vehicles must face the school, larger 4 x 4 vehicles are to be reversed into the rear carparks on the oval side – this ensures clear visibility at all times. The front row of parks is for smaller vehicles and these are to be driven straight out of – please do not reverse from these parks.

The 10kph speed limit is to be observed at all times when arriving and leaving the school grounds.

U-Turns are never permitted from the Prep car park – you are to turn left when exiting this parking area. Please drive to the end of the driveway in front of the Church, follow the arrows pointing towards the oval to come around so that you make a left turn back onto the driveway near the playground end. You are never permitted to drive through vacant carparks for a rapid exit – this practice is extremely dangerous.