STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

What is STEM MAD? The STEM MAD 2022 is a celebration of student learning, designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives. The Catholic Schools are encouraging students to address real-world problems and to make a difference (MAD) in the world by acting for justice and the common good.

The focus of STEM MAD National 2022 is to

Make A Difference by creating a Service, Environment or Product which is considered through the lens of Catholic stewardship, solidarity, common good, citizenship, humanity and wellbeing.

This focus fits well with our Saint Mary’s theme, which is Committed to Making a Difference

Mr Quartermaine’s Year 3 class accepted the challenge, they needed to:

  1. Establish teams (a maximum of 4 students)
  2. Teams identify a problem they wish to solve
  3. Investigate and use the design thinking process to find solutions to the problem
  4. Generate a product, service or environment
  5. Produce a prototype
  6. Produce a 3-minute video outlining the design process undertaken and responding to the Project Criteria.
  7. Nominate a category – STEM MAD Primary
  8. Enter the BCE STEM MAD Showcase: (Up to three entries).

The Teams for ‘Bee Calm’ and ‘Water Safety’ attended the showcase on Wednesday, the 20th July at the Brisbane Convention Centre where their projects were shared with the audience comprising 82 entries from many Brisbane Catholic Schools.

All the students had a wonderful experience and enjoyed their learning from this creative design process.