STEM Mad 2023

On Tuesday Two groups of students travelled to Brisbane for the STEM MAD Showcase (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The STEM MAD Student Showcase is a celebration of student learning designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems and demonstrate the particularity of Catholic Schools; encouraging students to make a difference (MAD) in the world by acting for justice and the common good. The focus is to Make A Difference by creating a Service, Environment or Product which is considered through the lens of Catholic stewardship, solidarity, common good, citizenship, humanity and wellbeing. Students are required to design a service, product, or innovation to Make A Difference (MAD) to others or the environment.

Group 1 created the FPA Bot (Farming, Planting and Agriculture Bot).

Group 2 created the Lantilla (Lantana Killer).

They competed against 120 different groups from BCE. Unfortunately, no prizes were won but they all had an awesome day. They should be very proud of their efforts! Well done!