MARY - Your Best Self

Each week we begin with MJR Assembly in the Gallagher Centre. We talk about one area of our St Mary’s Behaviour Expectations. This week we are looking at Y from Mary - Your Best Self in the classroom and one aspect of this that we talked about was “working with confidence and persistence”.

We often talk about the need for persistence and not giving up but we focused a little more this week on confidence. As a learner it can be easy to say this is too hard and I am no good at it. Sometimes as parents we can say “I was no good at Maths either or I wasn’t very good at art” and this is meant in a comforting and supportive way but sometimes these types of responses can have the opposite effect. Making excuses for our learning is not okay and we need to talk confidently about ourselves as learners and say things like “Yes, I found that hard too, but I never gave up, I asked for help and with practice I got better at it.”


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