Car Parking and Driveway Etiquette

Please find below information about our Carpark and Driveway etiquette.  It is important that this information is passed onto your support network for when they may need to do the school run for you.  

  • Our quick drop off area can be used every morning – you are reminded that this is not a car parking area. Please have a look at the video link below outlining how this area works.  You are also reminded that drivers are not to leave the vehicle at any time when using this area.
  • You are NOT permitted to use this area before 3:05pm as a quick pick up zone. Prior to this time causes congestion and makes it unsafe due to the back up of vehicles.
  • A reminder that all parked vehicles must face the school, with larger 4 x 4 cars reversed into the rear carparks on the oval side – this ensures clear visibility at all times. Please do not reverse out of the front parks - you are permitted to drive through these.
  • You are to always cross the driveway via the supervised crossing – remember that children learn by example.
  • This is strictly a 10km shared zone – speeding is prohibited and is a finable offence.
    Thank you in advance for keeping ALL children safe.