Year 2 Garden

Year 2 have been busy this semester working on our garden. We have planted and harvested some delicious fruits and vegetables. The students have been very creative and have made a mosaic to complement our garden. We would also like to say a big thank you to Mr. Moloney as this would not have been possible without his help.

Dear Mr Moloney,
Thank you for making the trellis for our snow peas. The snow peas will be able to climb up the trellis and not drag on the ground.
Thank you for putting the hessian over the tomatoes. The hessian will help the tomatoes grow because if the frost touches the tomatoes, the tomatoes will go black and not grow. We also thank Mrs Moloney for asking you to do this. We love our garden. We can’t wait to eat our snow peas and tomatoes. They will be yummy. From Carmel