Student Feedback Strategies

One of our School Goals this year is to implement feedback strategies into our classroom pedagogy. Australian and international researchers state that using feedback as part of learning and teaching strategies has the potential to considerably accelerate student achievement. Effective feedback informs students about their learning and what they need to do next to move forward.

At St. Mary’s, our teachers use five key strategies for formative assessment or feedback:
  • Share learning intentions and criteria for success. (These are displayed in classrooms, referred to in lessons, and available on the Parent Portal.)
  • Engineer classroom activities that elicit evidence of learning.
  • Provide feedback that moves students forward.
  • Activate students as instructional resources for one another.
  • Activate students as the owners of their own learning.
Students are encouraged to use self-regulation strategies to help continuously drive their understanding or performance towards a learning goal. Our Year 4 classes have demonstrated this beautifully this week, as they provided feedback to one another on an independent research task in HaSS.

Here are some of their responses from Georgia, Jimmy, Teresa and Harrison to the question: How will this feedback help you to strive to achieve the learning intention?

  • “My feedback was to fit it on one page and write smaller. It helped me by knowing what I need to improve on in learning.”
  • “My feedback was that I need a picture, use smaller font and use better spelling and punctuation. My feedback helped me learn what to do next time to improve as a learner.”
  • “My feedback was to underline the title and my good feedback was I added a map and pictures. It made me learn that I have to remember to underline the title and to keep learning and trying.”
  • “My feedback was to make my picture bigger and a little more information. This feedback moved me forward so I know what to focus on in my work.”

Our Semester 1 Reports will feature comments about feedback and the ways that students use it to progress learning and achievement in curriculum areas. This will also be an area that will be discussed in Parent-Teacher Dialogues at the end of this Semester.

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