Parent Teacher Dialogues

We have made the decision to hold parent teacher dialogues over the phone commencing next week. To maintain the correct health and safety requirements to meet face to face with families (wiping surfaces and door handles in between families) and ensuring all adults maintain the 1.5 metre distance, it added too much to the logistics of meeting with all families in a reasonable time frame for class teachers.

Parent-teacher dialogues offer a great opportunity to build partnerships, and given Semester 1 Report Cards reported on effort only, these dialogues are important in providing the opportunity to talk about your child's progress and performance against the year level achievement standards.

We appreciate connecting in person is the preferred method, however we appreciate your understanding in supporting an option that ensures we are following appropriate protocols and guidelines. In the circumstance that a family feels a face to face meeting is essential, an email request to the teacher is required prior, with approval from the leadership team.

In order for class teachers to be able to contact all families in a reasonable time frame, the following plan has been put in place:

  • PTO booking schedules will be available Thursday morning on the parent portal PTO Bookings

  • Please check emails for more information on how to make a booking

  • 10 minute time slots are available (parents enter the phone number to be contacted on)

  • Teachers will call at the allocated time (as teachers will be using their personal number, they may come through as private)

We understand 10 minute slots are brief, however they will ensure enough time to talk about your child's progress and performance against the year level achievement standards as well as additional brief points if required. If more time is needed, please appreciate the conversation may need to continue in the future as another family may be waiting. When we are at a point in time that is appropriate, we look forward to welcoming parents and carers in classrooms to celebrate learning and achievement.