Parent Engagement Model (new look P&F)

In the past, we have witnessed the willingness of our parent body to come together as a P & F committee. This year St. Mary’s will be changing the structure of the committee to have a Parent Engagement Model focus in conjunction with Catholic School Parents Queensland. This model was first raised by our previous Principal, Kevin Billion and now I have been given the opportunity to move this vision forward with the assistance of a committee of parents, teachers, and local community leaders.

This exciting new model will be focused on creating sub-committees of staff and parents involved in activities and programs that lead back to the growth and development of student learning and wellbeing.

Such sub-committee activity ideas included:

  • Parent Upskilling in Maths, Reading, etc. for home,
  • Positive Parenting forums with accredited keynote speakers,
  • School Sustainability (or “eRamp” which are resources used sustainably, with transparency and accountability such as solar panels, water tanks and LED lighting), and
  • Pastoral Care / Wellbeing (Discos, BBQs, etc.)

We will be holding an information session and Q & A on this new model later in the term. We are hoping for this to coincide with a school disco so we can have as many parents involved. If you wish to know more about this, feel free to contact me or visit the Catholic School Parents Queensland website at

Clairvaux Mackillop College are holding a free Parent Engagement Day on 31st July and details are also on the website.