Our Recent Visitors

On Monday we welcomed the author of Authentic Learning, Michael Bezzina and our Head of BCE Schools, Paul Thornton for the day. We have been working with Michael since the beginning of 2020 as part of our ongoing teacher professional development in creating a high quality learning, teaching and wellbeing culture.

Across the day, Michael spoke will our class teachers about five highly effective strategies that we have been adopting in our classrooms, including talking to some year six students around what they notice in their learning. As you would hope, there are ideas for us to put into action throughout the year, with the message that this is building on our strong learning, teaching and well-being programs currently in place at St Mary’s.

We felt privileged to be connected to this work, especially as only a handful of schools were chosen for this. I would especially like to thank and acknowledge our teachers who openly engaged with this wonderful opportunity.