MJR Awards

There were six awards to give out to students at our Week 9 assembly.

The Duhig Award (Love of Literature and Learning) went to Eamon (Year 6) for the way he has begun Year 6. He has demonstrated that he can work hard, listen carefully, complete homework and approach tasks with enthusiasm. His behaviour has been excellent too! Keep it up, Eamon! Also, Zed (Year 4) in Science for demonstrating his excellent understanding of weathering, erosion, and deposition and how these things affect our world. Adelaide for showing bravery in using different reading strategies successfully! Great work Adelaide. Finally, Lucy (Year 2) we congratulate her on a wonderful recount. She was able to answer the 5 Ws in her introduction. She sequenced the events using appropriate time connectives. The purpose of her writing was evident, and she also made it interesting.

A McAuley Award (Serve with a Heart and Mind of Mercy) went to Archer (Year 2) for showing kindness, This was a quality fostered and valued by Catherine McAuley. Each day he shows kindness by the way he greets his classmates and teachers. He also shows kindness through compliments that he gives freely to others. Macy (Year 4), everyday Macy shows that she follows in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley by the kindness she shows others. The way she helps others and for the mercy she shares with others, thank you.