Learning and Teaching Update

One of our Excellent Learning and Teaching initiatives this year is to enhance the problem solving skills of our students. The creation of the Primary Learning Teacher Mathematics role has provided one of our year 4 teachers, Mrs Diane McClure, with an opportunity to share her knowledge and skills with teachers and students across the school. This term, students in Years 3 and 5 have been immersed in problem solving sessions on Fridays. Here is a snapshot of their learning.

We have been learning about how to solve problems following five steps. These are:
1. Understand the problem,
2. Select a strategy to help solve the problem,
3. Use the strategy to solve the problem.
4. Check the solution answer, is it reasonable?
5. Communicate the solution

Specific strategies that we will continue to explore this term include:

  • Guess, Check, and Improve
  • Act It Out
  • Draw
  • Make a List/Make a Table/ Use a Venn Diagram
  • Look for a pattern