Leadership Day

All our Year 6 children recently participated in the Project Hatch student leader retreat day, with our students being immersed in important learnings for their hope filled and inspiring futures. Some commentary from the children:

  • Evie K learned, ‘being a leader isn’t just about bossing kids around.’
  • Katie learned ‘it’s about being your best self.’
  • Annalese ‘it’s really all about respect.’
  • Clancy ‘being a leader is an action, not just words or a title.’
  • Isaac believes ‘it’s about taking initiative, being responsible, and being respectful to others.’
  • Nell:  Project Hatch was a day for us to learn about the importance of leadership and what leadership really is. The leader of the incursion was a man named Dave. He was very helpful when teaching and telling us about leadership. We played games and wrote a letter to ourselves which we will open at the end of the year. We all had lots of fun and learnt about what it means to be a good leader at St. Mary's.