Fundraising for Those Affected by Fires

It has been difficult to watch the devastation of the fires within the surrounding region and the impact this has had on families, communities, animals and properties. At our MJR assembly on Monday our Youth Leaders spoke of the possibility of St Mary’s supporting by way of letters and cards to the children in the affected schools. Over recent days as the impact deepens, we have received requests to raise some funds to provide much needed supplies for these communities such as this email, 

‘I was thinking about it and I was wondering if you could organise a school gold-coin donation so we can get feed for the horses and cattle of the burnt properties. I'm sure all the horse/cattle owners would really appreciate it a lot’ (Jasmine L).

We think it would be a great way to combine our Dress as a Book Character Day on Monday 16th September in the theme of Reading is my Secret Power to raise funds to feed the horses and cattle of the burnt properties. For this Monday, please donate a gold coin to dress up as your favourite character, show off your secret power, or maybe as one of our local hero firefighters. All money raised will go through an organisation set up and recognised by the Mayor to support our neighbouring communities. Thank you in anticipation of the support.