Book Week

It was a wonderful start to book week under the theme of ‘Curious Creatures – Wild Minds’. Thank you to the wonderful library team for putting together an exciting space for our learners to experience rich literature. The St Mary’s Kindy kids were the first to find the hidden creatures around the library with the elephant being the favourite. Over the past number of weeks our early years teachers, literacy support staff and school based speech pathologist have been hard at work gathering assessment information around concepts about print, letters, sounds and reading comprehension levels. This information takes considerable time to gather, with the end result informing our learning and teaching responses, targeted lessons and specialist intervention support. I would encourage you to make contact with your class teacher to find out how your child is progressing with their reading development, and any additional strategies that may support reading at home.

Don’t forget on the parent portal, there is some additional support material Reading at Home - Strategies that I’d encourage you to look at. The children experience this language in their lessons and it would be great to use at home as well.