End of School Year Preparations

We are now beginning to enter our final term of the year. A busy term that will pass by very quickly. As the term comes to a close there will be a mixture of excitement for Christmas and exhaustion from a long school year. We have some weeks ahead of us so here are some tips to survive:

  1. Stick to routine Regular school routines of drop offs, pickups and after school activities etc. help keep your child and family on track with calm and predictable patterns. 
  2. Being patient Children may get excited or very tired at the end of the year, sometimes a mixture of both. Allowing time to relax, chill and not create too much pressure will make it an easier journey to the end. 
  3. Reading/homework Continue with homework and reading practice right up until the end of term or when the teachers calls time. Selecting interesting and good summer reads (or special books for Christmas presents) over the holidays keeps your reader engaged, curious and learning. 
  4. Regular bedtime Staying up later and more relaxed bedtimes can be enjoyed over the holidays but we should aim to stick to regular bedtimes in our last term. A well-rested child finds it easier to listen, learn and deal with their emotions.​

Let’s hope we have a wonderful last term at St. Mary’s in 2019.