2021 LOTE - Spanish

​Next year we are into our fifth year of partnering with McAuley College in educating children in the catholic tradition in the Scenic Rim. As we continue to strengthen our relationships for delivering a connected and aligned curriculum, in conversation with McAuley College and the St Mary’s School Board, we have made the decision to move to teaching Spanish as our LOTE subject from 2021. Spanish is taught as a LOTE subject at McAuley and Trinity College, and it makes sense to align this curriculum area as our children would carry their knowledge into these communities and build on their prior learning.

Towards the end of the year we will thank and acknowledge Ms Am​y Flynn who has taught Japanese over the past years, and for now I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge her fine contribution to St Mary’s. Over the coming weeks we will be calling for interest in the teaching of Spanish from 2021 at St Mary’s.