Camps and excursions

General conditions and guidelines for Educational Excursions:        

Children must return permission slips to class teacher and be checked off the roll as attending.

If children have not returned permissions slips, we attempt to get verbal permissions from parents/caregivers and ask them to follow up with written permission the next day. If the parent/caregiver cannot be  contacted, the child will not be allowed to go.

Check Emergency Medical Alert sheets for children going on excursions and note any special conditions or treatments (this information is recorded in the Emergency Contact Book found in the Office)

Check with office staff if any child is currently taking medication.

Check contents  of First Aid Kit and replace any items in necessary.

The St Mary's co-curriculum programme features a wide range of camps and excursions.

Every class can participate in excursions throughout the year, depending on curriculum covered. 


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                                                           OUT OF THE BOX EXCURSION