Principal's Message

The school motto of St. Mary’s is “Belong, Grow, Serve in Christ.” It says so much about who we are and what we do at St. Mary’s Beaudesert. 
​We welcome you and your children to a Catholic community who not only aim to educate the children the best possible way we can, but also to a Christian community who celebrate through the traditions of the Catholic Church. It is the values of the Church that give us direction. They provide us with our vision and mission which we implement in our school each day.


All children are unique and our challenge is to ensure that with your support they will have an opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically through their experiences at St. Mary’s. We value parent support and with your help we hope to work in partnership with you to best cater for your child.

Serve in Christ:

It is important to ensure our words are backed up in actions. With this in mind we emphasise the importance living Christ’s example in our lives. All the children at St. Mary’s  will have the opportunity experience what it means to serve in Christ. There are many elements involved here but ultimately we hope the children will have an opportunity to build a relationship with God through their experiences at school. This may come through their learning, through prayer or it may also be through supporting each other in the school or supporting others in need. We hope to make Jesus real for all children in the school.

Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Billion